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CEC Europe LLP - Customer Relationship Management
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Mike Driver
Associate Partner
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Customer Relationship Management

CEC offers business orientated CRM consulting services. We enable our clients to improve their business development and client management programmes by making much better use of their customer information and their CRM technology.

All companies that have installed a CRM system can increase their value proposition, by ensuring that it is simple to use and fit for purpose. Successful CRM requires software and staff working together in a collaborative way, so changing and improving current practices are a fundamental step towards reaping all the benefits that can be attained.

Consulting2Our focus is to understand our clients' business objectives and the way in which they currently operate, enabling us to recommend both process and software improvements.

Our CRM leadership team combines 70 years of relevant experience and has worked with a number of well know companies including FTSE 100 organisations in the financial, banking, information, property, oil, publishing and technology industries, as well as in professional services.In particular, we work with medium sized companies, primarily in the business-to-business sector.


Case Study
One example of our expertise is the work we did with a new and rapidly expanding division of a major international investment bank. Our client had recently installed a CRM application and needed to introduce some consistent processes around how it was to be used and the outputs that they wanted to achieve.

The client targeted their European sales teams to spend 85% of their time with their most important clients and asked CEC to put a practical strategy in place to be able to ensure that this was achieved.

Actions Taken
In order to make this a reality, our team:
- agreed what client related activities needed to be recorded and measures
- added an 'importance' field in order to be able to identify key clients - trained Sales teams on simple CRM processes
- generated a monthly report to show the actual amount of time spent with key clients against targets on a per team basis

The results of this work are shown in the table. Month 1 shows the initial situation, then month on month the improvements against the target can be seen. More time with larger clients produced finanical gains for the company.

Team Month 1 Month 2 Target
UK 25% 35% 85%
France  30% 40% 85%
Switzerland  35% 35% 85%
Germany 50% 60% 85%
Scandinavia 45% 55% 85%
Italy 20% 30% 85%